Hunter’s Most Wanted

We know there are hundreds of great owners in Hardball Dynasty and sadly, we can’t compete with all of them. But we have decided to make a list of some of the top owners we at Hunter have ever played against. Some are great owners. Some are brilliant bloggers. Some are tirelessly committed to their teams. Some are simply good, fun people to compete against. All are people we would like to have in Hunter.
tbook – A Hunter original with 71 seasons of experience and a WS win in Abbott.
lets_try – 7 seasons in Hunter. 6 AL North Titles. 23 seasons of experience.
eclipse33 – Ex-Hunter who has 35 seasons of experience. WS winner in Gibson.
ewchippe – 7 seasons in Hunter and very experienced. Blog contributor.
danmam – Runs exceptional blog and has 4 WS titles in Alexander.
13black – 6 years in Hunter and never played anywhere else.
bearclaws06 – 6 years in Hunter. 3 playoff appearances. Old team is currently available.
sanderbear – Commish and lead blogger in Ron Cey.
thunderstrik – 7 seasons in Hunter. 2 playoff appearances. 21 seasons of experience.
mytitan – Ex-Hunter with 44 seasons of experience.
groverp – Ex-Hunter with 19 seasons of experience.
the_e_man – 4 seasons in Hunter. 3 playoff appearances. Old team currently available.
bearclan1 – 10 Seasons in Hunter. 53 seasons of experience.
Milton7 – Committed owner who has been with franchises for 10+years in Jackie Robinson and L.E.G.

Former Listees

jdbkaput – Rejoined Hunter in S11.
jying98 Joined Hunter in S13.

Note to Hunter Owners:
We will update this list regularly as new owners catch our eyes or as some of these owners tell us to buzz off. And everytime we have a position to fill in our league, we will consult this list and start inviting. By no means, do I imagine this being the final list. I’m still hoping for more input for you in form of either a nominee or a “please take this jerk off the list”. Even if you agree with someone already on the list, let me know. Please leave comments. This is your world, too.

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